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              Commercial Freshwater Licenses & Permits

              To renew licenses visit?CLS Online

              Commercial Freshwater Licenses

              Commercial Freshwater Fishing


              Any resident or non-resident person who takes freshwater fish or frogs by any?lawful method?prescribed by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for purpose of sale is required to possess a Commercial Fishing License.

              • Allows harvest of non-game species only.
              • Holders of this license may sell to anyone, but may not buy fish for the purpose of sale.
              • All boats engaged in commercial fishing shall have at least one commercial licensee on board.
              • License required even for the use of trotlines of 25 hooks or less when fish are taken for purpose of sale.
              • Senior citizens are not exempt from purchase of commercial fishing licenses.
              • A valid Resident Commercial Freshwater Fishing License also allows recreational fishing.
              • No Commercial Freshwater Fishing License or Commercial Freshwater Fish Dealer's License is required to take or sell live bait, other than freshwater fish or frogs.

              Resident Commercial Freshwater Fishing License?(fish & frogs)..............$25.00

              Nonresident Commercial Freshwater Fishing License?..........................$100.00

              Additional license and/or permit may be required:

              Resident Freshwater Fish Dealer's License

              This license permits a resident to import, export, or sell (non-game) freshwater fish or frogs, including live bait. It is unlawful for licensed freshwater fish dealers or buyers to purchase freshwater fish or frogs from an unlicensed person.

              Resident Freshwater Fish & Frog Dealer's License?...............................$40.00

              Non-resident Freshwater Retail Dealer's License

              This license permits a nonresident to buy (non-game) freshwater fish, including live bait, (from persons properly licensed to sell freshwater fish) and may sell these products directly to a consumer. This non-resident license allows retail sales only--additional licenses required for wholesale dealers.

              Nonresident Freshwater Retail Fish or Frog Dealer's License?...............$100.00


              Non-resident Freshwater Wholesale Dealer's License

              This license permits a nonresident to buy (non-game) freshwater fish for resale from persons properly licensed to harvest freshwater fish and may sell freshwater fish within the state.

              Nonresident Freshwater Wholesale Fish Dealer's License?...................$500.00

              Nonresident Freshwater Wholesale Buyer's License

              This license permits a nonresident, who does not sell freshwater fish or frogs in Florida, to buy (non-game) freshwater fish or frogs from resident freshwater fish dealers for resale outside the state.

              Nonresident Freshwater Wholesale Fish Buyer's License?......................$50.00

              A?Conditional/Prohibited/Nonnative Species Permit?is also required in addition to the Commercial Freshwater Fish Dealer's License to import certain live freshwater fish.

              • Importers of restricted freshwater fish if doing retail or wholesale.
              • Importers of tropical freshwater fish if doing retail or wholesale.
              • Dealers in non-native aquatic freshwater species (retail or wholesale).

              Please note that exotic freshwater fish cannot be given or sold to people without proper permits.

              Florida Residency Requirements

              For the purpose of obtaining a Commercial Freshwater Fishing License, a resident is defined as a person who has continuously resided in Florida for six months prior to the application for a license.??Acceptable proofs of residency for the purpose of obtaining a Commercial Freshwater License:

              • Valid Florida driver's license or identification card;
              • Florida voter information card;
              • Proof of Florida homestead exemption.

              Corporation Registration Requirements

              All businesses applying for a Commercial Freshwater License must be registered with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations?prior to submitting an application.? Business types include: Corporations, Trademarks, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Fictitious Names, General Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships.

              Additional Information