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              WMA Brochures

              Check Out WMA Finder!

              Use WMA Finder to locate wildlife management areas (WMAs) based on species, season, location and more.

              Video Tutorials

              • Learn how to use WMA Finder?
              • NEW! Learn how to use Avenza Maps, a free mobile app that lets you to track your location in real-time on FWC’s wildlife management area maps.


              Get Brochures Now

              WMA Closures and Updates

              Find the open/closed status of FWC managed areas, offices, and facilities.

              WMA Open/Closed Status

              Tips for Using WMA Brochures

              Wildlife management regulations brochures are ONLY available at?m.la-feuille-enchantee.com.?Beginning May 1, a new online search tool?replaced the current list of WMA regulations brochures.?Learn how to use WMA Finder by viewing the video tutorial at the top of the page and then click on the "Get Brochures Now!" button.

              Before heading afield, print, take a screenshot or download the WMA regulations brochure and?map to a mobile device so you can access them without an internet connection.

              Get brochures now!

              Update About Check Stations

              Check stations are open. When visiting management areas and check stations, we ask that you please follow current Florida Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) public safety recommendations:

              • Social distancing: maintain a distance of 6 feet from others when possible and avoid handshakes and large gatherings.
              • Masks: cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face covering when around others, such as when approaching and interacting with the check station operator.
              • Hand washing: wash hands often with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
              • Stay home if sick.
              • Follow any local county ordinances.

              Thank you for your assistance in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and allowing our check stations to remain open so we can provide you with a high-quality hunting experience.

              About Florida WMA Hunting Opportunities

              Florida has one of the largest wildlife management area (WMA) systems in the country at nearly 6 million acres. FWC is the lead manager or landowner on over 1.4 million acres and works in partnership with other governmental or private landowners on another 4.5 million acres. Florida’s WMAs offer a wide range of hunting opportunities including quota/limited entry hunts, special opportunity hunts, and public hunting areas where people can walk on to hunt.

              To hunt on wildlife management areas (WMAs), you must possess a management area permit and a hunting license, (and often other permits depending on species and season), unless exempt.