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              Random Draw Results For STA Waterfowl Hunts

              Ordered permit results for September Special Early Duck?Permits and?Regular Season Waterfowl?Permits (Periods A, B and C) will posted as they become available. Entry and selection of parking spots are determined by the draw order for each hunt.

              In addition, waterfowl hunting opportunities created by permit holders who don’t show up for morning STA hunts will be posted as they become available.

              Review Ordered Results

              Draft Rule Changes for Restricted Hunting Areas

              In response to stakeholder input and concerns, the FWC is proposing draft rule changes to provide clear, objective criteria for establishing restricted hunting areas (RHAs).?Learn more about these proposed rule changes by reviewing this presentation.

              The FWC is at the beginning stages of rule development and is seeking input on the proposals. FWC staff hosted a series of webinars Oct. 27, 28, 29 and Nov. 2 to provide more information, answer questions and allow opportunities for public comment.

              Online Commenting Tool

              Stakeholders who were unable to participate in a webinar or wish to provide additional feedback are invited to view the proposed rule changes and provide input by clicking the red button.

              Provide Your Input!

              Snipe Hunters: Collect and Submit Feathers to Support New Research Project

              Snipe hunters, please support an important research project to better understand this migratory game bird by collecting and submitting feathers from harvested snipe to the FWC. If you harvest a snipe, please submit only the first primary feather from the right wing and this snipe harvest form?by mailing or dropping them off at T.M. Goodwin, c/o Mark McBride, 3200 T.M. Goodwin Rd., Fellsmere, FL 32948.