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              Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

              FWRI offers both internship and limited volunteer opportunities. FWRI interns are college-level students or post-graduates who spend a semester working with a mentor to obtain career guidance and experience. FWRI volunteers provide general assistance to FWRI for a variable period of time.

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              FWC volunteer assists staff with the rescue of an orphaned manatee calf on Merritt Island.

              Law Enforcement

              FWC law enforcement coordinates internships for college students in established internship programs who want to obtain career guidance and experience working with law enforcement staff.

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              Three Law Enforcement Officers participate in a career day, bringing along live animals for the event.

              Florida Black Bear, Manatees, and Marine Turtles

              Graduate students and upperclassmen of all majors are encouraged to apply for this opportunity to gain project management experience in government, public relations or wildlife conservation.

              We are now accepting applications for the Spring?2021?semester through November BearManagement@m.la-feuille-enchantee.com

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              FWC interns, with the Bear Management Program, pose after a work day at the Tallahassee Museum.

              Gopher Tortoise Conservation

              Gopher Tortoise Conservation Interns work on a variety of semester-long projects to assist meeting the goals of the Gopher Tortoise Management Plan. Upperclassman and graduate students in the Tallahassee area are encouraged to apply. For more information about the program?contact Alex Kalfin at?Alex.Kalfin@m.la-feuille-enchantee.com?or 850-921-1145.

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              Gopher Tortoise at the Archbold Biological Station.

              Wildlife Impact Management

              Wildlife Impact Management Interns assist the section in a multitude of different projects throughout each semester involving conflict wildlife management, outreach, and data collection. Upperclassmen in the Tallahassee area are encouraged to apply and gain valuable work experience. For more information about the program contact Andrea Sizemore at?Andrea.Sizemore@m.la-feuille-enchantee.com or 850-617-9587.

              An Argentine black and white tegu in Hillsborough County. Photo by Necia Godzisz.

              Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative

              The?Coastal Wildlife Conservation Initiative?offers an internship program for college students to gain experience working on coastal conservation issues. Interns will assist the program coordinator with a variety of projects that conserve coastal wildlife, contribute to outreach, and gain some field experience. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students who can work in Lake City (with some travel to coastal locations) are encouraged to apply. For more information about the program, contact Fara Ilami at?Fara.Ilami@m.la-feuille-enchantee.com?or 386-754-1668.

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              St. Joe Pennisula State Park coastal habitat.

              Marine Fisheries Management

              Interns with the Division of Marine Fisheries Management learn about careers in?communications, outreach, education, data analysis and fisheries management. Interns collaborate with colleagues on various projects?throughout the semester. Upperclassmen in the Tallahassee area are encouraged to apply and gain valuable, hands-on work experience. For more information, contact?Marine@m.la-feuille-enchantee.com or 850-487-0554.

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              interns fishing on a boat

              Climate Adaptation

              This program is looking for interns to assist with developing robust science, effective communication, enhanced capacity and thoughtful planning to implement adaptation solutions.

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              Fostering Success

              The Fostering Success program provides young adults aged 18-24 who have former experience in the foster care system, an opportunity to gain professional life skills and employment readiness training in a year-long, part-time, paid OPS position within a state agency.

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