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              The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission accomplishes its responsibilities and objectives through a diverse group of job classes that cover approximately 2,118.50 positions and about 800 OPS positions. Therefore, offers a variety of career opportunities. See our Current Openings. Some of the classes used predominately at FWC include:


              Purchasing Specialist
              Education Specialist
              Biological Scientist (I. II, III, IV)
              Fish/Wildlife Technician
              Duty Officer (non-sworn)
              Senior Clerk
              Research Scientist
              Fleet Equipment Technician

              Accountant (I, II, III, IV)
              Public Information Specialist
              Office Automation Specialist (I, II)
              Law Enforcement Officer (sworn)
              Administrative Secretary/Assistant
              Staff Assistant
              Assistant Research Specialist
              Environmental Specialist

              Law Enforcement Officer?is an entry-level position which requires the applicant be 19 years of age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, be a United States citizen and possess a background in one of the following: law enforcement, public contact work or military experience. A college education may substitute for the work experience. In addition, applicants must meet police certification standards. Selected non-sworn applicants will be trained at the FWC Training Center located at the Florida Public Safety Institute.?Learn how to become a Law Enforcement officer.

              Technical Positions require knowledge and manual skill generally obtained through specialized vocational training, college education or work experience. Fish/Wildlife Technician, Computer Programmer, Distributed Computer Systems Specialist, Laboratory Technician and Systems Project Analyst are a few examples in this category.

              Professional/Scientific Positions require a college education and/or several years of professional-level work experience. A few examples include Biological Scientist, Research Scientist, Accountant, Personnel Technician, Grants Specialist and Environmental Specialist.


              • State-wide employment in 67 counties
              • Wide range of career positions
              • Competitive salaries and benefits
              • Employer-subsidized health and life insurance options include health maintenance organizations
              • (HMOs) and State health insurance plan
              • Nine paid holidays and one personal holiday each year
              • Paid vacation and sick leave
                • 1-5 years service - 13 vacation days
                • 5-10 years service - 16 vacation days
                • 10+ years service - 20 vacation days
                • 13 days per year of sick leave
              • Deferred compensation plans and savings bonds
              • Sick leave pool
              • State-funded retirement plan
              • Portable Retirement Plan
              • Workers Compensation
              • Unemployment Compensation

              A profile application is required for all positions. The profile application is submitted electronically through the People First website when applying for positions. Should you need a paper profile application, you can also print the profile application from the People First site.? Should you require assistance in applying for a position thru the People First site you can call People First at 1-877-562-7287.

              For a list of current job vacancies with the FWC, visit the?State's Jobs Web site?and follow the prompts.

              Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Employment Information

              The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is an?equal opportunity/affirmative action?employer. If you need an accommodation to participate in the recruitment/selection process, contact the Office of Human Resources.